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  • March12007_033
    I took these pics today of Hunter playing. Usually Chloe is the easy subject but there is something about Hunter making the sound of the airplane as he flies it!! If you look at his lips you might just be able to hear it too!!

Chloe's Party

  • January_3_2007_104
    We celebrated Chloe's 3rd birthday at Kids Place in Lexington. I was not prepared for this was huge!!! Chloe was very excited but didn't seem to know what to do first. Aunt Cici tried to get her to play in the tubes, balls and whatever else was in there but she wouldn't so Aunt Cici and I entertained her by using her tokens to play some of the games. I had to leave for work after the party of Aunt Cici and Jason stayed and let them play. Chloe said "Aunt Cici, can we have my birthday again?" so I assume that Chloe enjoyed her day!!

Finger Painting

  • January_1819_2007_004
    Chloe received finger paints from Santa for Christmas. Since Hunter was sleeping we decided to paint while we could!! She made sure to tell me what colors were made by mixing different colors!